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Meet the PirateGirls, an NFT collection of 5,000 unique characters, designed by a woman. The female PirateGirls are out on the high seas sailing on the blockchain! On board is a treasure that needs to be minted!

Meet the PirateGirls

We are wild... we are free... we are the PirateGirls. Beautiful and unique the PirateGirls are pixel art images, generated algorithmically. Even though all of them look fantastic some PirateGirls are rarer than others.

Our Roadmap
Our wonderful PirateGirls Have arrived to the port of your blockchain and ready to start the adventures with you.
No pirate has ever fallen from the sky. In episode one we will therefore make you a real PirateGirl and form a community that is unsurpassed in awesomeness.

Go on a caper with us, party with others in Girltouga and just have fun. Our Discord server will make you feel complete.

This episode comes around the corner with a new collection: ships!

Enter the 3rd dimension by upgrading you PirateGirls NFTs. Become a captain and plunge into even wilder adventure

We will also provide you with weapons and equipment that will make your PirateGirls even stronger.
We will leave the known and sail to truly new shores.

Get your own island and become a powerful pirate princess!

Where exactly the journey goes we can not yet say exactly. Whether with great merch, detour into the Metavers or the conquest of the complete blockchain. Much is possible and we want to discover it together with you!
Our Codex
Our community is everything!
The pirate life without a community does not work. Therefore, one of the most important points in our code is that we create a community like the world has never seen. A community of enthusiastic NFT lovers who want to go to new shores.
The captured treasures go to the Holder!
Pirates want to conquer and enrich themselves. That's what the PirateGirls want, too. We will share the treasures we conquer with you. So it will rain Free NFT for the Holder. Take part in our raffles and with a little luck you will get your very own treasure.
Everyone is welcome
No matter if you are a Crypro exper or a complete newbie in this field. Anyone can become a PirateGirl. However, we have made it our mission to teach the newbies how to swim in the dangerous waters of the NFT Sea. We will teach you everything you need to know to become seaworthy.
Pirategirls V2
Enter the 3rd Dimension
In chapter II holders will be able to upgrade their 2D Pirategirls NFTs for the upgraded 3D versions. Keep an eye on this page for further updates on this.

Many treasures are still waiting to be uncovered...

The Crew

Anne Bonny
As the captain, she is responsible for leading the ships to their final destinations, while hopefully gathering valuable treasure on the way. Together with the quartermaster, she is the mastermind behind the journey.
Grace O’Malley
She is the oldest member of the crew, having sailed on the blockchain for multiple years before the others have even started. As the veteran, she is responsible for the wellbeing of all our ships, as well as being making sure we get to our targets safely.
Rachel Wall
Queen of Words
Thanks to her countless voyages on the sea, she has learned and mastered the art of words, turning her adventures into highly thought after masterpieces of poetry and literature.
Lady Mary Killigrew
Travelling Painter
Half Crazy, Half Genius - meet Mary, the crew's painter, having joined quite recently she has quickly become one of the most influential pirates on board. Her dream is to travel on the blockchain to develop her art even further.
Mary Read
Powder Girl
The pirate girl for everything - she helps out where help is needed most. Be it by helping maintain the ship, or supporting a crew member in need.

Details and FAQ

Is there a Discord?

Yes, but the PirateGirls Discord are NFT-gated (you must hold a PirateGirls to enter). Our exclusive Discord will be open for Holder at 50% sold out. We will announce on Twitter when our Discord server goes live. Our Discord channel offers all holders an exclusive community, the chance to take part in caper trips, and advance to the rank of commander. A wild sea voyage!

What intellectual property rights do PirateGirls holders receive?

Owners of PirateGirls have full commercial art rights for the PirateGirls they own. Full details coming soon.

What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?

PirateGirls will receive 5% of all secondary sales. These proceeds will be used to continue to hire more full-time employees, fund operations and deliver even more value to our community.